• How does it work: the service
    e-Invoicing is the new digital invoicing service dedicated only to Autogrill® Clients. You can quickly sign up by clicking here or in our stores. How?
    1. The next time you buy something in Autogrill® stores you can ask for a digital invoice at the cash register: if you don't already have an e-Invoicing Card, just leave your details and you'll receive your invoice at the provided email address.
    2. If you don't want to leave your details at the cash register every time, just pick up your e-Invoicing card from the dedicated corners and activate it online in few simple steps. The next time show it to the cashier and you'll receive your invoice by email.


  • Where we are
    e-Invoicing is active here:

  •  Why the card ?
    1. To receive digital invoices directly to your email
    2. To better organize your invoices
    3. Because it's fast and easy
    4. Because you can save time and paper