• Is the new e-Invoicing card free?

    Yes, you can ask for an e-Invoicing card at any of our stores.

  • Do I have to provide my data every time?

    No. Once you register, your data will be automatically retrieved.

  • Can I lend my e-Invoicing card or use someone else's card?

    Your card is personal and associated to your fiscal and personal data. You cannot transfer it to third parties to ask for invoicing.

  • Can I use e-Invocing card without signing up?

    Without signing up the card doesn't work. You can sign up click here.

  • Is there a minimum spending to receive my invoice by e-mail?

    No. You will receive the invoice by email for any amount.

  • Can I get a printed invoice at the cash register?

    Paper invoices are still available upon request. However, we suggest to reduce paper waste by using this service.

  • Can the service e-Invoicing be used with other promotions?

    Yes. All promotions are valid when using e-Invoicing.

  • How do I delete my e-Invoicing account?

    Send an email to informazioni@autogrill.net and ask for unsubscription


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